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Tapola Resort 


Sakha Niwas is an agro tourism ,Tapola Resort  is different from any other resorts in Tapola or Tapola hotels. We don’t just offer an accommodation option but a completely different holiday experience. There are lots to do at Sakha Niwas Agro Tourism – Tapola  Resort and there will not be a single dull moment during your stay at this resort in tapola.

Tapola Resort
Welcome to Sakha Niwas Agro Tourism - Tapola.

An Agro tourism to the very essence of the term Sakha Niwas Agro Tourism - Tapola is an offbeat resort offering an alternative holiday experience. Sakha Niwas - Tapola is located in Harchandi village - a small hamlet about 10 kms from Tapola along the Shivsagar Lake. Tapola is less than an hour’s drive away from Mahabaleshwar. Famously called mini Kashmir, the main attraction in Tapola is the koyna backwaters. Take some time out to enjoy the gentle breeze of dawn laden with the fragrance of the land, feel the morning dew, take a walk in the farms, listen to the chirping of the birds, go for swim in the evening and gaze at the thousands of stars on a beautiful moonlit night while enjoying a barbeque and campfire. You can do all this a and lots more at Sakha Niwas Agro Tourism, Tapola

Owners Mr. Mrs. More

Sakha Niwas Agro Tourism started in 2011. We left our city and preferred to stay in our Harchandi . Village, Keeping aside the technicalities, its our dream that brings back the idea of 'native place' back to the urban souls fettered in the concrete jungles, to Enjoy some fresh air away from the cities in a rustic locale and experience the simplicity of the rural life style first hand.

Mrs. More ( Our Mother)

She takes all initiatives looking after farming, staff, kitchen management, she takes care of all animals, strawberry farming, farms, trees like lemon grass, flowers, fruits & vegetables & also serves authentic home made food with warm welcome all our guests.

Villagers help & Rural Employment

Most of the activities at Sakha Niwas - Tapola are organized with the help of local villagers. Enjoy a visit to the farm, Try your Hand at fishing and also pick farm fresh strawberries yourselves and enjoy the true taste of the fruit!